Sunday, June 16, 2013

Fathers Day

Today is father's day and marks another first for us a newly configured family.  Tom and I were never big on what we called hallmark holidays but we often did ridiculous things especially when the kids were little.  On fathers day when Megs was 3 Tom played on a soccer team in Hilo that was largely Samoan. These boys were big as was Tom.  On fathers day meg and I made him a Super-dad cape and topped it off with an over decorated burger king crown.  His arrival at the game was spectacular.  His mates were delighted that a haole family had such a sense of humor.  High fives abounded.  Our father's day celebrations shifted of course as the years went by but they never went totally un- noticed even if it was just a day spent moving rocks or puttering.  Today we are keenly aware of the passage of years and time.  I will spend the day on the tractor, Jeff is at war with the drainage systems of NY, Megs in a tent with her dog.  

 Tom was a truly spectacular dad and one who had no role model or parenting to speak of.  He was present for his kids, adored them and modeled ethical and fair behavior at every turn.  His was a vocabulary of encouragement and gentleness.  His mantra was  How hard can this be...  As the years roll on I know that the foundation he laid for the kiddos will be a strong and sturdy platform that they can reach back to to guide them on their way.  There is no question in my mind that Tom Stasz  deserved the cape

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