Wednesday, May 1, 2013

peaceful moments

This morning i was up before first light and made myself a mug of tea. We have a porch swing that is made in Maine and is a replica of the bunks that sailors slept in in the forecastle of sailing vessels. It hangs on the porch in the corner and faces east. It has a gentle sway, comfy pillows and a blanket.  This morning was particularly lovely and still.  Big Tom turkey gobbled from the woods. The woodpecker started to hammer away at the dead tree by the sugar house. A wren has taken up residence in the rafters of the porch and was busy arranging her nest. The light eased over the green mountains and filtered across the lower meadow . It was a  peaceful  gentle way to begin the day.  Tom wasn't quite so far away this morning but seemed almost here somehow in the way the light hit the field, in the early breeze as the sun came up.  Moments like this give me hope that all is not lost .


  1. When you feel him close, does his 'presence' come from the left at 10:00 o'clock, or from the right at 2:00 pm?

    1. i am not sure as I never really thought about it. But i will

  2. Bird,

    You are still "before the mast", where young sailors spent their early years. It was where the adventure was new, but so was the pounding and buffeting from the sea. Time will be relative and variable, but before long you will move aft to the consistently tranquil part of the ship that swings on your porch. With Tom all around you.