Sunday, May 5, 2013

To be worn while gardening

A mysterious package arrived a day or so ago.  It was from burlington NC and I knew I had not ordered anything.  I opened it up and it was a present from my dear buddy Annie.  She sent me a pair of the most outrageous blazing rhinestone earrings and a bottle of wine. The note on the earrings said  -  to be worn while gardening.    The next morning I got up and put on my grubby jeans, tom's worn out paint spattered shirt AND my earrings.  It was a STUNNING ensemble .. all i needed were gold wellies with sparkles on them and a pair of bunny ears.  I went out to weed and water .  The earrings made rainbows every time the sun hit them.  I was literally surrounded by rainbows that bounced off every surface.  My friend Brad arrived with his girlfriend to take a shower. I tossed my head and he was "blinded by the light".   "Oh my god birdie, what are those things? If Tom could see you now - They go so well with  his shirt"    We sat in the driveway in the early morning laughing.  It felt good.  

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  1. Quintessential l'oiseau behavior if ever I've heard.