Saturday, May 25, 2013


There is a tired phrase - wayfinding  that is glued to all sorts of things including climbing gear but the real meaning of wayfinding goes back to the Polynesian navigators who in fact formed the basis of Gardner's multiple intelligence theory. The basic deal is that there is a unique group of people who have the ability to navigate across vast unchartered oceans by memorizing star patterns, wave patterns, and wind. They also chant and sing as they go.  It is the most wonderous quality. The navigator "wayfinds" across the oceans of the Pacific by understanding where they are by the set of the stars, the action of the waves and a song. The navigator stands up for the whole journey only taking the occasional cat nap.  Amazingly enough, they found their way to the most remote island in the world which is Hawaii without benefit of sonar, gps, or maps.  Hence wayfinding is about stars, courage and staying awake.

There are many lessons to be learned here.  My wayfinding is all about learning to be alone and positive.  A great friend of mine and I had a conversation about the melancholies how they can fuel creativity and ideas but in the end we are really blessed.  I am not a big fan of using that word as it feels well .. sort of far right but the idea is genuine.  Tom and I were lucky to have each other, we were lucky to come home to Vermont .  Now I need to figure out how to wayfind on my own. Learn the star patterns, the wind, and the wave sets and set the helm to places that make sense to me and our family. 

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