Tuesday, April 16, 2013


I have the great pleasure of having lots of company all of whom are willing to putter around outside, digging holes and snipping branches. There is a community of work  built around making things grow. It is lovely. I think there may be a tendency in this culture to "give space" to widows or people in peril. The space is meant as a respectful way to let them grieve or recover. I have found the opposite to be true. Last weekend the house was full of buddies, all cooking in the kitchen, rummaging around in the orchard and garden and some just sitting by the fire. It felt good and normal as our house has always been a place for others to gather.  It is a lesson for me that the next time I think - don't intrude- maybe the opposite is true and reach out to work, cook, drink tea, or plant.  We are social creatures after all and much of our sociability is built around the very complicated work of just plain living.

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  1. Keep on blogging, Bird. It's beautiful. Don't let "the wire bend..."
    xoxo Jo