Tuesday, April 9, 2013


So far the vegetable garden seems to be the best therapy.  I think part of that is it is a place where we worked together and happily nattered and kivetched about what would go where.  Tom believed that there was no such thing as too many and I am the opposite.  Hence we would tussle on amounts .  Our garden is about 250 square meters and would happily feed a small village in Central Asia.  Three of us have been out there cleaning up, tidying up the strawberry beds, weeding the asparagus and yesterday we put in our first real bed. It was a labor of love as we double dug and picked out stones. The plan is to put in some plots that will divide the 52 foot rows into ten foot sections that are approximately 3 feet wide to accommodate two rows of plants.  There are permanent or nearly so wide paths on either side  of the plots to allow for easy picking and weeding.  We also printed out the Vermont Cooperative Extension guide to times to plant and spacing.  Very handy.  Terry who is English and has garden design genes is master minding this project. He is also my boss in Central Asia and was part of Tom's international buddies.  They would exchange rude comments about the Queen and the Colonists.  Somehow as we worked yesterday digging and planning and weeding.. tom did not seem so far away. 

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