Friday, April 26, 2013


My goodness there are so many tools that we can avail ourselves from .  On the start Mount sinai ( of course) has some good ideas on grief. Not my favorite topic but worthy of note.  It seems that my second guessing is common. How lovely .  So moving on from there may I recommend tools for women alone. To start everyone needs a good lawyer and accountant, as the immediate medical system in Amurica is impenetrable.  As an example, today I got yet another bill for six grand for which my insurance has paid the same . There seems to be a bit of confusion on the virtual end of things. However when you get a live person send in you copy of the ever present death certificate and  most of this goes away.  How totally inhumane and absurd.  So you , as newly minted widow, get to go through this whole hoopla again and again to make sure some doc already paid a boat load of dough gets his due.. REALLY

On to happier topics. For those of you alone may I suggest the following great tools. The first is the battery powered chain saw . Yep it is awesome. The second is a host of digging tools such as the Trake .. you can order on line . It digs and scratches. You will also need a light weight lopers that can whack away at the debris of bushes etc and not wear your arms out. Also you need a razor back pick ax, a pair of number 8 felco sheers, knee pads and of course a soaker hose from gardener supply .  I suggest you get the kit.    stay tuned more to come

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