Friday, April 12, 2013

I will see you tomorrow

My cell phone saves unheard messages in a cyber archive. When it decides that I have skipped too many or transgressed in other ways - a mechanical voice reminds me to shape up and listen to my messages.  Take care of business Birdie, get organized, stay on top of things.  Thanks for the tip.

 Yesterday I was admonished by my telephone and dutifully pressed the buttons.  Among messages from verizon, automated pharmacies, and other random things - like a jewel - was a message from tom.  His voice was strong, and he was just calling as we always did when apart to say good night. This was one of those times when i probably heard the phone ring but it was  under the gum drops or doggie bags in a pocket of my jacket in a closet.  I knew it was him so i just called back instead of listening to the message.  His voice was strong and optimistic. His message closed  with his customary - " well birdie i will see you tomorrow. "   The power of the human voice is not be underestimated.  I will save this message to listen to when times are dark and remind myself what a brave and strong man he was and is. That once again, he schooled me and others in grace. 

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